• 1-2-1 Sound Healing

1-2-1 Sound Healing

Bespoke Energy Assessment and Rebalancing Body, Mind and Emotions 90 mins


A sound healing session (90 mins) is a meditative experience involving a range of therapeutic grade instruments such as crystal bowls, drums, chimes, gongs of a certain frequency to soothe the body and mind and trigger a state of deep relaxation.

Sound impacts brain waves (from Beta to Theta) thus balancing the nervous system, our heart rate and breathing rate and consequently reduces the release of the stress hormone cortisol, tension, anger, fatigue, anxiety and improves mood, sleep and a profound sense of inner peace.

I usually start my sessions by triggering relaxation through breathing exercises and crystal bowls, then I perform an energy assessment of possible imbalances in the body (excess or depleted energy) and select the appropriate instruments (gong, drums, tuning forks, reverie harp, koshi chimes) and sound techniques to restore balance and well-being. 

Bespoke Sound Healing Session (90 mins) $185

Four Session Package (1 free) $555

Duet (90 mins) $325

Groups (60 mins) x person $45

Gong Bath (30 mins) $85 (60 mins) $135