About Us

At Purenergy (Darlinghurst) we believe that in order to achieve your highest level of health and vitality, you first need to cleanse the body of impurities and built-up toxins. We have thus created the most natural and pure packages so you can totally rejuvenate from the inside.

Cleansing is basically servicing our body by removing harmful toxins and refuelling it with nutrient-dense food so it can restore its original radiant state and self-heal. Nutritional deficiencies – usually due to highly processed food, pesticides, food chemicals and synthetic toxicants – sluggish metabolism, sedentary life, overeating, acute stress, prescription drugs, and lack of sufficient exercise slow-down the process of cell regeneration and rebuilding, thus causing accumulation of waste products in the tissues which interfere with the nourishment of our cells.

Considering our cells are both in the process of growing and dying, it is vital that aging cells are efficiently eliminated and the building of new cells is stimulated. During a juice cleanse the eliminative capacity of our organs – lungs, liver, kidneys and skin – is greatly increased so that toxins, dead cells and metabolic wastes are quickly flushed out, thus stimulating the new-building of cells, rejuvenating the nervous system and improving our mental powers.

How to Cleanse?

As long as the digestive system is active by constantly needing to break down solids (including any food with fibre such as soups and smoothies) the body cannot fully cleanse. This is why a prolonged abstinence from food is required so that the body starts digesting its own tissues (after the first 3 days) by the process of autolysis (self-digestion), thus burning aged or dead cells, damaged tissues and fat deposits. One of the greatest fasting authorities in the world, Dr. Buchiner Sr., calls this process “a refuse disposal” through which decomposed cells are discriminately reused and resynthesised over and over where they are needed for the building of new cells and the rejuvenation of tissues.

Cold-press extraction of vegetables and fruit removes all fibre so that the freshly made raw juices are easily assimilated from the upper digestive tract: living enzymes, trace minerals, proteins and vitamins are thus assimilated directly into the blood stream and quickly absorbed by cells which then effectively excrete metabolic waste.

Daily enemas, dry brushing, tongue scraping, Epson bath salts, lots of walking and deep breathing, herbal organic teas, the medicinal and protective effect of superfood powders and Bach flower remedies, along with raw certified organic juices, nut mylks, aloe tonics and probiotic elixirs – all these help you to absorb all the good stuff in its purest form and make your juice cleansing most effective and perfectly safe.


Stefano (PhDs) has studied with Dr. Scilla di Massa, one of Italy’s pioneers in Bach flower therapy, and then completed his training as a Registered Practitioner (BFRP) with the Bach Centre in Oxfordshire (UK). He has travelled extensively around the world as an academic specialising in World Literatures and lived in both Europe and India. Having also graduated from the Culinary Institute of Rome (IPAS), he was head chef at The Icecreamists and Purearth in London. Once he moved to Sydney in 2015 he founded his bespoke cleanse company Purenergy in Darlinghurst based on his passion for plant-based food, through which he offers his personal remedy mixes and organic juice cleanses to suit each person’s uniqueness and wellbeing. He is also a Sound Healing Practitioner trained at the Sound Healing Academy (UK).


Russell has worked as a professional actor in both theatre and television in Europe and India before qualifying and working as a Life Coach and Personal Trainer in London where he facilitated training groups and personalised programs for clients in the health industry. He is a trained crisis counsellor with the Samaritans and has worked as a drug and alcohol practitioner both for the prison service as well as in rehabilitation centres in London and Sydney. As an accredited Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner (AAMET) and SMART facilitator, he brings each person to a place of expressing their uniqueness, aligning them with their true power and innate ability to find their own solutions and the courage to take action to move their lives forward in the best possible way. He trained with Gabor Maté and qualified as a Compassionate Inquiry (CI) practitioner and is currently working as a group facilitator and counselor for both Corrective Services (NSW) and in private practice.

Russell is a member of the Gary Craig Optimal EFT Course