Supercharge Cleanse

1 Hour Consultation

Typical 1 day box includes:
- 1x 500ml glowing green smoothie
- 1x 500ml midday smoothie
- 1x 500 ml afternoon nut mylk
- 1x 500 ml evening purify juice with chia seeds
- 1x 500 ml probiotic kefir
- 1x 500 ml aloe vera tonic
- 1x 50 ml elixir shot

Replenish your body and direct your health towards a healthier life style with fibrous superfood boosting smoothies, cold pressed juices, nut mylks, tonics and shots. This cleanse provides extra nourishment and boost of energy.

replenishment, energy, rejuvenation, immune system, beauty food, digestive health, mood enhancer.