Live Enzyme Cleanse

1 Hour Consultation

Typical 1 day box includes:
- 1x 500ml energising green juice
- 1x 500ml midday juice
- 1x 500 ml afternoon nut mylk
- 1x 500 ml evening purifying green juice
- 1x 500 ml probiotic kefir
- 1x 500 ml aloe vera tonic
- 1x 50 ml elixir liquid enzyme shot

Replenish your body with high-energy live enzymes (pineapple, papaya, leafy greens, broccoli, asparagus, pear, sweet potato, fig, watermelon), normally lost in cooked, processed and pasteurized food thereby minimizing the physiological aging process and maximizing rejuvenation. This cleanse in combination with liquid enzyme supplements provides superior nourishment and energy for your body to repair and heal, activate all metabolic processes and restore optimal digestion of food.

blood purifying, rejuvenation, immune system, anti-inflammatory, weight loss, digestive health, mood enhancer.