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Blossom a Whole New You with Bach Flower Therapy

Blossom a Whole New You with Bach Flower Therapy

If you still think that complementary medicine calls for no more than a well-selected mix of natural supplements, it’s time to take another look at Nature’s way to awaken your own inner potential for self-healing and well-being. Healing the mind and body with plants is territory that has been increasingly explored over the last 30 years. And although there are many brilliant and gifted naturopaths who are discovering new healing methods, few would argue that the first pioneer in flower therapy was Dr. Edward Bach back in the 1920’s.

A‎ ‎British pathologist‎,‎‎ ‎homeopath‎ ‎and‎ ‎forward‎ ‎thinking‎ ‎Harley‎ ‎Street‎ ‎doctor‎‎, he ‎believed‎ ‎that‎ ‎our‎ ‎emotions‎ ‎are the ‎cause‎ of mental and ‎physical‎ ‎problems‎,‎‎ and therefore any form of medicine has to ‎treat‎ ‎the‎ ‎individual‎,‎‎ ‎their unique personality and mental state, and not‎ ‎the‎ ‎cause‎ ‎or the‎ ‎symptoms‎ of‎ ‎the‎ ‎disease‎.‎‎ In this respect, disease is interpreted and understood as a result of an ongoing conflict between Mind (our personality) and Emotion (our conscience), which are ideally meant to work in unison. Disease is thus essentially a corrective, indicating an ‘error’ that needs to be understood and learnt from, clearly showing the need for a change in our way of living.

Flower remedies precisely supports and facilitates this process of change by enabling the person to gain more awareness and knowledge of their thoughts, emotions and behaviour in order to transcend the limitations of a particular emotional state and develop the positive virtue which is associated with it. This means taking the opportunity to direct our lives towards our real passions, answering the call of our inner talents and keeping illness at bay by fulfilling our deepest wishes. As long as we successfully explore our potential through the changing circumstances of life, we enjoy real health and well-being. This is how we grow and joyously expand.

Good health is harmony, rhythm and an expression of our potential to think and feel constructively and happily. Accordingly, Dr. Bach discovered a complete system of healing prepared from the flowers of wild plants and trees of the countryside and found 38 flowers to brighten the 38 negative states of mind and emotion, from which human beings can suffer. Flowers, being one of the most creative expression of Nature, have an inner life force which responds to the healing power that Nature yields. Moreover, they have the ability to treat the mind so that the sufferer can regain emotional equilibrium and restore the body’s state of well-being.

The first remedy that you are most likely to choose is “Rescue Remedy” (easily available from mainstream outlets) because in everyday life emergencies usually require prompt response and swift action, without pondering over reasons, moods or reactions. However, although effective for temporary fears and worries, it is not a panacea for everything and other remedies need to be considered for more specific emotional outlooks. A consultation with a Bach flower therapist is the best way to clarify the emotional causes that you feel are uppermost in compromising your relationship with yourself and/or others so the most effective mix of Bach remedies is always chosen for you personally. Now available at Purenergy, the duration of the consultation is one hour, from which you will have your personal flower treatment bottle and will learn how to start using the Bach system yourself.